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I care so deeply about all of my couples. I want to provide you with beautiful photos that capture the true essence of your wedding day, and the best way to do that is to know more about you! As a photographer/videographer, I want to make sure that I have a good connection with our clients. I will be interacting with you all day and be by your side for 99% of the day, so it is super important that we vibe well. 

I LOVE when I have an awesome couple because it just makes the whole process more fun and enjoyable for everyone! I am a very silly person and I love to make jokes or vague Office references (if you’re ever confused by something I said, it is most likely from The Office haha). I like to bring out smiles and laughter along with capturing those precious sweet moments. 

So if you could take your time to fill out the form below, I would highly appreciate it! It will help better my knowledge of what kind of couple you are. 

I will respond back to you ASAP as possible (Michael Scott reference haha). But seriously, I will get back with you in 1-2 business days. Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. What is the best time to shoot at?

    An hour before sunset or sunrise! That is when you get the dreamy golden light pouring into your photos, or for sunrise you have this ethereal light in your photos. If for some reason if we just can’t shoot at golden hour/sunrise, no worries! Shooting during the day is fine too! I actually enjoy shooting in harsh sun because the way I edit my photos make them extra light and airy ;)

  2. what should we wear? Does it matter?

    Yes it matters! Clothes can greatly impact your photos. I would start with some nicer clothes, such as a dress/skirt/slacks/button up. You don’t get to do a photo shoot every day so dress up for the occasion! If you are more laid back kind of people then you can still wear comfy clothes! I just recommend no neon colors, no graphic tee’s, no basketball shorts, and something that fits just right! Normally with engagement sessions I allow one outfit change. Normally my couples will dress up then change into more comfy clothes. If you need help styling, give me a shout!

  3. can I see a full wedding gallery?

    OMG yes of course! We photographers tend to put our absolute best work on our websites, but sometimes you don’t get all the details. You should absolutely ask me (or any photographer) to see a gallery so you know what you would be getting. Also, pay attention to the fact that how a wedding turns out rely’s on some important things, such as weather, details, decor, lighting, location, cooperation, etc. If your wedding is going to be inside a super dark church on a rainy day in the winter, it will look nothing like a sunny day outside in the summer (that doesn’t mean I won’t try as hard, I love all kind’s of weddings and I adapt to whatever lighting situation I am given, we can discuss more about this through email!). Be sure to ask me (or any photographer) to see a gallery that would be similar to what we would shoot for your wedding. I always try and send a gallery that would be similar to a potential couple so they can get an idea of what they would receive from me (outside in the summer, inside of a church, barn reception, etc). If you have more questions regarding this matter, or want help on how to make your wedding photos look top notch, give me a shout!

  4. We are so awkward! we never had our photos taken before.

    No! You’re not awkward, I promise!! Almost all of my couples tell me this and I have to laugh. I say this about myself too. I know how intimating it can be with a big lens right in your face and you might get a little nervous shooting with someone you recently met. I always try and have an in-person meeting so we can shake any nervous jitters away so that when I photograph your wedding, you’re as cool as can be. Also, pretty much all of my couples are SO amazing in front of my camera. I always like to say “just be yourself, focus on each other, and pretend I am not here.” I always love to genuinely hype my couples up, and if something doesn’t look 100% I will help direct you so that you feel more comfy.

  5. what kind of photography style would you describe yourself? we love candids and those matter the most to us!

    I say documentary/photo journalistic. I love candids too and that is what I mostly capture throughout a wedding. The only time I direct/give prompts to my couples is a tiny bit during getting ready, bridal party, family photos, and couples photos. I am an overshooter (meaning I take a TON of photos during a wedding, even if that means duplicates) because I want to try and capture all of those small candid moments you might not notice or remember :)

6. are you still a light and airy photographer? Your current/previous weddings are edited a little different!

My editing style has recently changed (as of the end of September 2019). One thing to note, my shooting style is not changing, the way I edit photos are. So the way I capture a wedding is still the same approach :) What I love is dreamy, ethereal, film inspired photos. The way I was editing before wasn’t meeting my liking 100%. Every photographer goes through a style change at some point of their careers. From 3 years of editing a certain way, I am now growing more into that warm, film inspired look with keeping it on the more brighter side. I am not doing a complete 180 and going completely dark and moody for photography. If you have any questions or concerns about my new way of editing, please feel free to reach out and contact me <3. I am so big on keeping the way I edit photos true to color!


Harrison has started a new job (back in 05/19) and that job is amazing! Although, it does require him to work some weekends. If Harrison is unavailable to help me shoot a wedding, I have other second photographers that I have worked with previously and trust with my whole well being. So no worries if he doesn’t work your wedding!